Director BIO: Kai Fiáin (THE BROTHER)

Kai Fiáin is a London based screenwriter, director and producer. They began their filmmaking career in documentary, working with community groups and political activists using video as a tool for marginalised voices. Kai made documentary work on subjects such as LGBTQ asylum seekers, globalisation and working class sub-cultures. More recently Kai has begun writing and… Continue reading Director BIO: Kai Fiáin (THE BROTHER)

Short Film: THE BROTHER, 4min., UK, LGBT/Comedy

The Brother is a short surreal comedy. The morning after the night before, Frances finds herself a little bit more involved in a situation than she would want to be – the kind of situation where you don’t ask too many questions. The beauty of London’s East End is that you never quite know who… Continue reading Short Film: THE BROTHER, 4min., UK, LGBT/Comedy