AUDIENCE AWARD WINNERS: BEST FILM: NETUSER BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: 2 BLACK BOYS BEST PERFORMANCESS: ALIA BEST SOUND & MUSIC: CHOICES Theme of night: Coming to terms. NOTE: Festival took place during the COVID-19 virus lockdown so all screenings were held in private. Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos: NANCY, 16min., USA, Drama/Family CONTENT, 12min., USA, Drama SMOKESCREEN,… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS & VIDEOS: July 2020 LGBT FEEDBACK Film Festival

Director Biography – Chris Coats (CONTENT)

After attending college in Santa Barbara, Chris moved to Los Angeles and began working extensively in the film and television industry. In 2012, he joined the roster of The Masses, a filmmaking collective started by director Matt Amato and the late Heath Ledger. With The Masses, Chris directed music videos which were featured on acclaimed… Continue reading Director Biography – Chris Coats (CONTENT)

Short Film: CONTENT, 12min., USA, Drama

When asked to model for a professional photographer, Kevin (Ben Sidell) seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot. As the shoot commences he proves to be a little out of his depth. When the line of professionalism quickly blurs, Kevin is left to wonder if it was all… Continue reading Short Film: CONTENT, 12min., USA, Drama

Director Biography – Steph Farber (SMOKESCREEN)

Steph Farber is a Seattle-based writer and director. She is interested in exploring and cultivating stories about queer communities, the role of technology in our society, and the beast we all yearn for: connection. After several years of working in the health tech industry, she decided to roll up her sleeves and pursue her love… Continue reading Director Biography – Steph Farber (SMOKESCREEN)

Short Film: MY WIFE IS A CHICKEN, 15min., Fantasy/Comedy

Bella’s wife has gone missing – the same day a white chicken appears in her home. Coincidence? Bella’s cuckoo-pants therapist says no. Time for couples therapy. News & Reviews “FSU Film Screening (in Mandarin)” World Journal Miami https://www.worldjournal.com/5803317/article-%E4%BD%9B

Director Biography – Jacqueline Grajales (WHITE INK)

Jacqueline Grajales originally graduated with a B.A. in International Business. After graduating she enrolled in a film conservatory where she began to study and work in movies, music videos, short films, documentaries, etc. She has worked in project ranging from indies to big budget films. Jacquie currently resides in Baja California and mostly shoots TV… Continue reading Director Biography – Jacqueline Grajales (WHITE INK)

Short Film: WHITE INK, 13min., USA, Drama/Romance

Truth or Truth? Lou and Sophie, life-long friends embark on their annual camping trip and what normally is all fun and games, takes a turn… now they must face each other and their truths out in the wild. Project Links  Website  Instagram News & Reviews “WHITE INK REVIEW” Moonfaze Feminist Film Journal https://www.moonfazefilms.com/journal/2019/8/12/white-ink-review “Clintonian living… Continue reading Short Film: WHITE INK, 13min., USA, Drama/Romance

Director Biography – Destry Spielberg (ROSIE)

Destry Spielberg was born on December 1st, 1996 in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in the film industry, and being surrounded by filmmakers her whole life, Destry always felt the pull to gravitate towards a career in film but as a youth she focused her efforts instead on pursuing a life as an Equestrian show… Continue reading Director Biography – Destry Spielberg (ROSIE)