Short Film: MY WIFE IS A CHICKEN, 15min., Fantasy/Comedy

Bella’s wife has gone missing – the same day a white chicken appears in her home. Coincidence? Bella’s cuckoo-pants therapist says no. Time for couples therapy. News & Reviews “FSU Film Screening (in Mandarin)” World Journal Miami


A queer sixteen-year-old girl, Mahina, resides in the predominantly Native Hawaiʻian neighborhood of Wai’anae, Oahu. After suffering abuse from her stepfather, Mahina must navigate life on the streets, until she eventually finds refuge at the Pu’uhonua o Wai’anae––Hawaiʻi’s largest organized homeless encampment. Project Links  Instagram

Short Film: DIMITRI, 15min., Italy, Drama

Alessandro is a young handsome man who takes advantage of a trip to Rome to catch fleeting meetings mediated by technology. The occasion becomes real when he meets Dimitri, elegant and refined, who after a moment of passion and understanding inexplicably disappears. Alessandro finds himself stuck in a stranger’s house.

Short Film: TEDDY MATE, 15min., USA, Fantasy/LGBT

In a world where children bond with magical teddy bears that eventually transform into their perfect, human life partner; an optimistic and strong-willed young woman struggles when her teddy mate subverts expectations. Film Type: Short, Student Genres: fantasy, drama, sci-fi, family, lgbtq Runtime: 15 minutes 13 seconds Completion Date: December 8, 2018 Production Budget: 12,000… Continue reading Short Film: TEDDY MATE, 15min., USA, Fantasy/LGBT

Short Film: VAGABOND, 15min., USA, Romance/LGBT

In this coming of age romantic drama the story follows two teenage best friends, Chelsea and Makenna. Chelsea is an introverted and intuitive writer who is turning 18. After her parents’ nasty divorce Chelsea has not seen her father in years. When her birthday rolls around she is free to make her own decision about… Continue reading Short Film: VAGABOND, 15min., USA, Romance/LGBT

Short Film: BO & MEI, 15min., UK, LGBT/Drama

A short film about a Chinese immigrant family who experiences racial prejudice as well as prejudice of a different kind within their own home. This is a story about a young person who with the support of their loving sibling is able to stand up for the things that make them different. Film Type: Short,… Continue reading Short Film: BO & MEI, 15min., UK, LGBT/Drama

Short Film: UTOPIA, 15min., USA, LGBT/Drama

Utopia is a surreal drama about an aspirational, blond young lady who wakes up from a coma in Uganda. And, no — nothing is as it seems. Project Links  Website  Facebook  Twitter News & Reviews “The Monthly Film Festival” Film of the Month Review “Film Strip International Film Festival” Short Films Review  

Get to know the short film: SUNLIGHT OVER WATER, 15min., Canada, LGBT/Drama

Short Film: Playing at the LGBT Short Film Festival – December 11, 2017 High-schooler Merit discovers his sexuality through a tumultuous relationship with his friend Julien. Film Type: Student Genres: Drama, Coming of Age, Queer Runtime: 15 minutes 3 seconds Completion Date: April 8, 2017 Production Budget: 300 USD Country of Origin: Canada Country of Filming:… Continue reading Get to know the short film: SUNLIGHT OVER WATER, 15min., Canada, LGBT/Drama