Director Biography – Oscar Arce Naranjo (A DAY WITHOUT YOU)

Oscar Arce, is a recent graduate of Universidad Autonoma de Baja California where he studied all facet of filmmaking including photography, production and screenwriting. Since he was a child Oscar has displayed a passion for film and theater and how they were created. In high school he made amateur short videos for fun. In university… Continue reading Director Biography – Oscar Arce Naranjo (A DAY WITHOUT YOU)

Director Biography – Swapnil Pagare (SOLITUDE)

Swapnil Pagare, an aspiring filmmaker based in Cleveland (previously in Los Angeles) has worked on various Short Films, Marathi Stage Plays and Music Videos. In 2014, he Wrote and Directed his first Marathi Short Film ‘Kumpan (The Fence)’ which was World Premiered in Louisville International Film Festival and travelled other film festivals. In 2015 BMM… Continue reading Director Biography – Swapnil Pagare (SOLITUDE)

Director Biography – Bethany Teague (LOVE CRIME)

Bethany Teague is an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Blacksburg, Virginia. She began her career as a television news reporter/anchor in West Virginia and Virginia. Her work in front of and behind the camera earned her Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press awards, as well as an Emmy nomination for feature reporting. ‍ In 2017,… Continue reading Director Biography – Bethany Teague (LOVE CRIME)

Director Biography – Chris Coats (CONTENT)

After attending college in Santa Barbara, Chris moved to Los Angeles and began working extensively in the film and television industry. In 2012, he joined the roster of The Masses, a filmmaking collective started by director Matt Amato and the late Heath Ledger. With The Masses, Chris directed music videos which were featured on acclaimed… Continue reading Director Biography – Chris Coats (CONTENT)

Director Biography – Steph Farber (SMOKESCREEN)

Steph Farber is a Seattle-based writer and director. She is interested in exploring and cultivating stories about queer communities, the role of technology in our society, and the beast we all yearn for: connection. After several years of working in the health tech industry, she decided to roll up her sleeves and pursue her love… Continue reading Director Biography – Steph Farber (SMOKESCREEN)

Director Biography – Jingjue Li (MY WIFE IS A CHICKEN)

Jingjue is a Chinese poet who realized she wanted her voice to be heard visually. Inspired by the French new wave to become a rule-breaking filmmaker, she dedicated herself to learning the rules so that she might break them more fully and artistically. She wants to tell slice-of-life stories, but in an Avant-garde way. Director… Continue reading Director Biography – Jingjue Li (MY WIFE IS A CHICKEN)

Director Biography – Jacqueline Grajales (WHITE INK)

Jacqueline Grajales originally graduated with a B.A. in International Business. After graduating she enrolled in a film conservatory where she began to study and work in movies, music videos, short films, documentaries, etc. She has worked in project ranging from indies to big budget films. Jacquie currently resides in Baja California and mostly shoots TV… Continue reading Director Biography – Jacqueline Grajales (WHITE INK)

Director Biography – Destry Spielberg (ROSIE)

Destry Spielberg was born on December 1st, 1996 in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in the film industry, and being surrounded by filmmakers her whole life, Destry always felt the pull to gravitate towards a career in film but as a youth she focused her efforts instead on pursuing a life as an Equestrian show… Continue reading Director Biography – Destry Spielberg (ROSIE)

Director Biography – Kevin Rosen-Quan (CHOICES)

Kevin Rosen-Quan graduated from USC film (2005) with an emphasis on photography and sound design. He founded an eclectic artist commune in the Los Angeles National Forest and was executive producer of original content for Broadcaster Inc. and Pangea Productions (2006-2009). After the commune was razed by a fire in 2009, Kevin abandoned producing to… Continue reading Director Biography – Kevin Rosen-Quan (CHOICES)

Director Biography – Rachel S Myers (2 BLACK BOYS)

Rachel has been creating work in front and behind the camera for over 15 years in the entertainment industry as a director, designer and actor. She has collaborated in the creation of over 150 film, theatre and television productions. From a pool of over 5,000 submissions, her film “Wendy’s Shabbat” premiered at both the 2018… Continue reading Director Biography – Rachel S Myers (2 BLACK BOYS)