RISK Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from May 2019 LGBT Toronto Festival

RISK, 20min., Slovenia, LGBT/Romance Directed by Tina Novak Explores relationships between the male and female mind; the way their psyche is impacted by fear and jealousy, and how they respond differently to the same event leads to gender stereotypes being challenged throughout the film. CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

Director Biography – Tina Novak (RISK)

Tina Novak was born on June 6th 1991 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She finished BA in Film and Television Editing at University of Ljubljana – Academy for theatre, radio, film and television. She later started working as a TV director on national television and she will finish her masters study in 2018. Filmography: -short documentary film… Continue reading Director Biography – Tina Novak (RISK)