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Director BIO: Andrew Hawkins (MASQUERADE)

Director Biography – Andrew Hawkins Andrew is a first time writer/filmmaker with ‘Masquerade.’ He is currently an associate producer on the Broadway-bound musical ‘Home Street Home’ and co-director of Have A Sleepover Productions with his partner, Jeff Marx. Andrew studied Theater and English at George Mason University and has held positions at Fox 21 and WestEnd… Continue reading Director BIO: Andrew Hawkins (MASQUERADE)

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Short Film: MASQUERADE, 10min., USA, LGBT/Drama

1848 Virginia. Slave couple Sam and Ninny execute an escape after their slave master George makes an unconscionable advance. ‘Masquerade, A Story of the Old South’ is an uncommon slave narrative, capturing the experience of both African Americans and gay people during this complicated time. Film Type: Short Genres: History, Drama, African American, LGBTQ, Women… Continue reading Short Film: MASQUERADE, 10min., USA, LGBT/Drama