Directed by Sibyl OMalley
Once upon a time two girls met and fell in love. But when a pandemic hits, can love last?

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Director Biography – Sibyl OMalley

I am a theatre artist whose practice includes writing, directing, teaching and community organizing. With theaters closed during the past two years, I began experimenting with stop-motion animation. This video captures one of the many moments of heartbreak and rage that marked the past few years. It was a way to express my fury and also let my heart do what it wants to — love you and this stupid world we’ve made.

My artistic universe is shaped by humor, queer-punk aesthetics and scrappy, insurrectionist politics. My plays have the sly wit and winking artificiality of drag, but are disarmingly earnest at heart. They capitalize on theater’s live, visceral power to create vibrant pageants about human failure and redemption. I collaborate with dancers, composers, puppet artists and ingenuous scenic designers to create big-hearted musicals and plays.

My plays have been presented nationally and internationally. Selected credits include: Zoophillic Follies (RedCat), Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne (Yamchoa International Theatre Festival, Thailand), Ten Seconds in the Water (East LA Rep), Yes is a long time (Bootleg Theater), Alice and the Majestic Guts (Walt Disney Concert Hall), What if would you (Malonga Casquelourd Center, Oakland, Meany Center, Seattle, Proctors Theater, Albany), Full Tilt Float (RedCat) and Stall (Celebration Theatre).

Awards include a merit scholarship to CalArts, a MacDowell residence, the Altvator Fellowship with Cornerstone Theater Company, Sundance Theater Lab Affiliate Artist and an honorable mention tin the Jane Chambers playwriting prize.

Director Statement

There’s so much happening in the world to be angry about. You can lose whole days to rage. Sometimes the anger feels great, adrenalizing and powerful, but it’s also exhausting and leaves my heart hate sick.

What’s helping me are revenge fantasies. Creative acts of vandalism. Riots of righteous joy. Making this stop motion gave me a way to express my fury and leave room for my silly little heart to do what it can’t seem to stop doing – loving you and this stupid world we’ve made.


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