Short Film: I’M NOT CHRIS HEMSWORTH, 11min., USA, Comedy

Directed by Charlie Steers
I’M NOT CHRIS HEMSWORTH is a ridiculous adventure comedy that parodies the “mistaken identity trope” and has a surprise musical ending!

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Director Biography – Charlie Steers

Charlie Steers has spent 15+ in entertainment working both in front of and behind the camera: acting, feature film and TV development, casting, special effects, representation, franchise management and more.

Director Statement

A few years ago, writer/director, Charlie Steers, was on a dating app and was told that he looked like Chris Hemsworth. What?! That’s insane! While flattering, to him it was the most ridiculous thing ever! Then it happened again. And again. And again. And one day he was stopped and asked if he was Chris Hemsworth!

The hilarity of this life experience mixed with his love of underdog stories and making people laugh inspired this short film. Because don’t we need to laugh right now? He wanted to bring this surreal adventure to life during these difficult times because we all need a distraction from all the crazy and dive into the subtle exploration of how we only see people’s personalities as two-dimensional shown through the metaphor of celebrity and the parody of stereotypes.

In addition to making people laugh, Charlie was motivated by a conversation he had with his grandmother shortly before she passed in 2020. She had always been one of his best friends, but she also really wanted him to follow a more traditional path. It was only in the last few years did she start expressing regrets about that. More recently, she called him after watching an episode of “60 Minutes” and said there was a story about a man who decided to follow his dreams of becoming an artist at the age of 40 and she thought he should do the same. Charlie turned 40 last year!


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