Short Film: KingDom, 24min,. UK, Action/Comedy

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Six drag kings embark on a moustache curling adventure to steal the Monument to Masculinity, a solid gold urinal, in a mad-cap attempt to keep their gentlemen’s club ‘KingDom’ afloat in times of economic peril.  

In a dark alleyway the mysterious Moloko Jones narrates his exciting tale of gender bending absurdity,  and the story of that fateful night comes to life on the screen. He describes how KingDom faced imminent closure after he accidentally blew up the car of the famed, feared and definitely dubious Billy the Scissor. No one has ever seen Billy but his reputation proceeds him and he is not to be crossed. Without repaying Billy the damages of £500K, our cast of eclectic kings face the loss of their club and a humiliating, uncertain and undoubtedly unpleasant future.

The motley crew realise they’ll have to revert to their roots in robbery and deception, and what better to steal than the Monument to Masculinity, on display at a local art gallery. They could pay off Billy, save their beloved bar and get their hands on an iconic work of art reflecting what they value above all else; Manhood. Scoping out the gallery they realise the guard is a bit of a ladies man and conclude that all they need is a feminine distraction to get the gold. They agree that no one could capture the essence of a seductive woman better than a man, so the boys drag up, and in some like it hot style, the heist begins.

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Director Biography – Joanna Vymeris

Joanna is a multidisciplinary director and producer being the founder and director of The Feathers of Daedalus Circus, a London based contemporary circus company. During the pandemic she has moved more into film, directing numerous music videos for NOWEX and starting the prestigious MA in film producing at the National Film and Television School UK. KingDom is her debut short fiction film as a director.

Director Statement

Drag kings are so rarely given the stage and screen time they so deserve and I very much hope that KingDom will be part of an ongoing drive in queer communities to give these incredible performers who work in such a creative and political manner, the platform they deserve.


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