Feature Film: THE KISSING GAME, 63min., Canada, Experimental

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An urban fantasy that explores love, betrayal, friendship, and identity.

Kate and Sam are best friends, but there’s a tension building in their relationship. When Kate’s sister falls victim to an act of violence, they are determined to bring the perpetrator to justice. On a summer evening, their actions tear a hole in reality as the assailant’s heart falls out of his chest and onto the pavement, just as it begins to snow. Their relationship crumbles in the aftermath and the girls are left to question whether any of us are truly worthy of forgiveness.

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Director Biography – Véa

Véronique Bossé is an artistic director from Montreal. She graduated in 2012 from the Theatre Studies program at Sorbonne Paris III. From 2005 to 2010, she founded and directed the theatre-for-young-audiences company Calliopé, which presented two shows for teens across several high schools in Montreal.
Between 2010 and 2012, she worked with Paris-and-London-based company C(h)aracteres and was assistant director to Gérald Garutti. She worked on several shows, the highlight being a production of Dangerous Liaisons, presented by the Royal Shakespeare Company during its 50th anniversary.
Since then, she has worked as artistic director for various digital technology, music, dance and film projects in Montreal and Los Angeles, as well as several theater projects with Youtheatre and Ce n’était pas du vin, a theatre collective which she co-founded.
In November 2016, her staging of the play Iseult&Evaelle, a show for teenagers with a choir of 14 teenagers on stage, toured through Montreal’s Accès Culture network. In February 2017, La chasse aux billes, which she directed, was presented at Cinquième Salle at the Place des Arts. In this piece, an audience aged 4-and-up experienced a unique mix of theatre and urban dance. Once again, Veronique’s staging directly involved teenagers in its creation. She worked with the young Krankyd dance troupe, who performed the roles of the Ogre Horde, a central figure in the show.

Director Statement

J’ai Jamais… is an incredible story of friendship, love, revenge and justice. In addition to showcasing the voice of a queer character, it is a show that calls for compassion, asks fundamental questions and educates young people to be open to differences. Carried with force and accuracy by Éléonore, J’ai Jamais … is a fantastic tale that touches the heart!


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