Short Film: TWO WEEKS TO 29, 27min., USA

Directed by Jesus M. Rodriguez
Two Weeks to 29 gives us snapshots of the sexually charged relationship between Ricardo, a lonely art photographer who just turned 51, and Paulo, a sexy Brazilian man who will turn 29 in two weeks. What starts as just sex, develops into a deep and complex relationship, despite the age difference and the fact that Paulo is engaged and will marry his girlfriend in just six months.

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Director Biography – Jesus M Rodriguez

Jesus M Rodriguez
Writer, Director, Producer, Actor
Jesus M. Rodriguez was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Since he was a child his love for making movies marked his life. His first films were horror movies he shot when he was 13 in super 8, filled with home made FX. Later, Jesus completed both undergraduate studies in Communications and a masters-equivalent in Biology.

Jesus also studied Acting, Production, Graphic Design and Modern Dance. His first jobs in the industry were as an Art Director, Set and Production Designer for features, music videos and commercials. Jesus has directed more than 150 commercials and received more than 70 international awards, including a Gold Medal in the New York Festivals, Best of Show in PROMAX-BDA Latin America and Best Directing in PROMAX BDA Global 2004.

His first short film “Lucy & Ricky” was selected by Sundance Film Festival in 2003, among many other festivals. Since then he has directed six more shorts and a feature film: Sunset Junction”. Jesus lives in Los Angeles where he has worked as the head of Marketing for networks like Disney Channel and Fuse, as he continues to evolve as a filmmaker.

Director Statement

Using a very candid and honest approach, as a writer-director and also playing the role of Roberto, I worked with my fellow actor to create an experimental environment, where improvisation led us to the creation of a dynamic between the two of us. The dialogue was the result of creative exercises that built the story of the film block by block.

With a micro budget and the limitations of quarantine, I used the isolation of our new reality to create an atmosphere that reveals Roberto’s hopeless journey, and the stark reality of Paulo’s youth.

I use their sexual encounters unapologetically and bring us into their sexual adventures. Along the way, we discover, as Roberto does, what makes Paulo irresistible.

I seek a balance between the spirit and tone of independent movies and more traditional film styles while still honoring my own creative sensibilities. I love what Noah Baumbach achieved with naturalistic dialogue and intimate use of camera in The Squid and the Whale and Marriage Story. I also greatly admire the work of directors Bob Fosse and Pedro Almodovar, who embrace complex coverage with multiple camera angles and truly sophisticated editing. With these influences I chose to use Roberto’s art photography as a tool to illustrate the passage of time and expand the scope of the short. Dramatically, it functions to illustrate Roberto’s sensibilities and sexual fantasies.


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