Short Film: SAM, 12min., Singapore, Drama

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Sam is a newly divorced man who decides to question and explore his sexual identity. He goes out all out to impress his dinner date and it goes well until a revelation turns the situation awry. The dinner date unexpectedly falls apart and Sam is forced to come to terms with his perceptions and possibly misguided notions about people with HIV.

Director Biography – Yiqin Ng

Yiqin’s goal is to craft films that are emotional, relatable and impactful. Her background as a documentary filmmaker has given her films a unique perspective, creating emotional depth with simple images. She uses the camera as a way to focus on heightened situations within the human condition.

Director Statement

A society where gay sex is criminalised but not enforced, is one that creates a lot of contradictions.

This is not a fictional world, this is Singapore. From this curious melting pot, I wanted to explore the consequences of decades of self hatred and unconscious biases, over the course of an intimate dinner date.

What happens when a closeted middle aged gay man seeks a second chance in love? What happens when his love interest turns out to be someone he is not ready for?

As a female filmmaker, I found myself connecting deeply with the main character’s need to escape loneliness, and from there I strived to create a refuge for him. However, it is within this same space that he reveals his darkest fears.

This film challenged me to examine our common desires to seek meaningful connection and how our own unconscious biases may inadvertently thwart our goals.


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Festival occurring twice a year. In Toronto in June. And in Los Angeles in September. Showcasing the best of LGBT Short Films and Screenplays from around the world.

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