Short Film: BATH BOMB, 14min., USA, Drama

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On her mother’s death anniversary, Emiko struggles with suppressing her grief and insecurities in front of the woman who loves her most.

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Director Biography – Priya Mishra

Priya Mishra is a writer and director based in New York City. She wrote and directed her debut short film, Bath Bomb, in Fall 2019. Only Business, the second film she directed, is currently playing at festivals.

A second generation Indian immigrant who has lived in New York her whole life, and a girl who lost her mom during her junior year of college, Priya’s work centers love, grief, acceptance, social-critique, and embracing your anger. With over 10 years experience in visual arts and writing, Priya has found film to be an exciting medium through which to exercise her prior talents. Priya hopes that her work will make audiences feel more connected with other human beings, more angry at the state of the world, and more willing to make it better by embracing vulnerability and kindness.

Director Statement

This film was an experience of three parts, which could be described as: therapy for me, an amalgamation of my own experiences, and love letter to my friends

When my mother passed away my junior year of college, all before I could even dream of coming out to her, I sought this film desperately. I remained unable to find it.

Over the course of months, sleepless and tearful 3AMs when I wanted a friend or some company but was too afraid to reach out- writing this film became my solace.

I want people who feel upset and unseen, people who feel like they have to carry burdens to feel appreciated, to know that they’re not alone and that they are loved regardless, simply because of who they are. You don’t have to earn love or affection, and you’re not monstrous for wanting to be cared for.

And you are so, so deserving of love and tenderness

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