Director Biography – Sérgio Bloch (SAUCY TOINHA)

Sérgio Bloch is producer and director, having made numerous films, documentaries and TV series, among them Donkey Without a Tail (1997), Tainá, An Amazonia Adventure (2001), Street Eyes (2000), Mini Cine Tupy (2002), Amazonia, stories of our History (2006), On Wheels Brasil (2007), Survivor (2011) and On Wheels Latin America (2013). In 2010 he created the Street Gastronomy project, which published two books – Street Gastronomy Carioca Guide , and in 2015 he produced, scripted and directed the TV series Taste Budies, shown in Brazil in 2016. In 2017 he directed the series Crossed Instants, produced by Ocean Films, which aired on Canal Curta !, in January 2018. Currently, Sérgio is finishing the second season of Taste Budies series, which will be shown on CineBrasil TV in 2021.Director Statement

I started my career in the theater, went through photography, worked as a camera man covering hardnews, until I reached the direction in the audiovisual. Since then I have directed works of different formats and durations, with different objectives, including documentary and fiction feature films.
Many of these projects were entirely authorial, including two more recent TV series: Sobre Rodas América Latina and Na Boca do Povo – the latter already in its second season – conceived and directed by me. I also directed programs and series proposed by TV channels or production companies such as Consórcio Filmes, Canal Futura, Ocean Films, Discovery Channel, Canal Curta! and TV Globo, among others.

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