Director Biography – Matt Mahmood-Ogston (MY GOD, I’M QUEER)

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Matt Mahmood-Ogston is the Founder and Trustee of Naz & Matt Foundation, an award-winning charity dedicated to tackling religious and cultural homophobia. He set up the foundation in memory of his fiancé and soulmate, Dr Naz Mahmood, who sadly took his own life two days after his deeply religious parents confronted him about his sexuality.

Director Statement

As a young boy I dreamt of changing the world, but I was made to believe this was impossible. After tragically losing my soulmate, the love of my life, I have no option left but to change it.

Behind every person is a story that could one day change the world. And now it’s my duty to document them.

I’ve always wanted to make films, but until now i’ve never had the courage to translate my inner feelings on to the screen. With the help of my producer, Meera Mistry, and the support of the queer community, I’m proud of what we have achieved with this film.

The question I wanted to answer with this film is – “Would my darling Naz still be alive today if there were more positive LGBTQI+ role models from the same religious background?”

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