Director Biography – Eleanor Davitt (DRAWN TO YOU)

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Eleanor Elizabeth Davitt loved surrounding herself in stories ever since she was young, and was determined to make her own original stories to share with the world. During her third year of Seneca’s Animation program in 2018, she had been given the chance to take her first step into sharing her stories through the short film, “Drawn to You”. A member of the Queer community herself, Eleanor wanted there to be more LGBTA+ animation present for audiences of all ages to enjoy and connect with. To Eleanor, having someone relate to her work brings her the greatest joy and satisfaction, and she looks forward to being able to create and share more of her ideas in the future.

Director Statement

“Drawn to You”’s story comes from a place of true honesty. Many young members of the Queer community can place themselves in Emily’s socks, as her mother tries to guide her to what she personally believes to be the correct way for her child to act and feel. It’s important to realize how our actions can truly affect others, and this lesson rings true through the story of “Drawn to You”, as Emily’s drawings refuse to be seperated from one another and will stop at nothing to reunite with their loved one. An impactful story of identity, “Drawn to You” shares with its audiences a beautiful story of love and acceptance of self.

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