Director Biography – Searit Huluf (GAMERS)

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Searit Huluf was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She studied at UCLA’s Theater, Film and Television school, concentrating on screenwriting and animation. Searit’s stop-motion work includes short film, Retrospect, which won Best Drama at Campus Movie Festival in 2013 and Air Shot, a finalist for Campus Movie Festival in 2014.

After graduating, Searit moved to the Bay Area and began working as a Production Intern at Pixar Animation Studios. She was hired full time in 2015 and was the Production Coordinator for the Art and FX department on Incredibles 2. In 2018, she directed a late night show called Talk of the Town and fundraised over $3000 for the Oakland A’s Foundation.

For the 2nd year in the row, Searit has participated in leading the Disney Pride Parade in San Francisco by being “fabulous background dancer #3”.

During her spare time, Searit watches endless hours of anime, is a major a foodie and coffee addict, and enjoys solo traveling. Searit currently lives in Oakland, CA.

Director Statement

I first wrote GAMERS as a sketch for my sketch comedy class in San Francisco. It was originally about these white guys playing video games in the children’s section of a library. I was disappointed that I unconsciously wrote a sketch without any women or POC. To fix it, I swapped the gender and race of my characters and started to think about the types of games female gamers would play. This research led me down a rabbit hole of articles about how women are treated unfairly in the gaming community and would hide/not reveal their gender to avoid sexual harassment. Because of this, we interviewed over 20 female gamers to hear their first hand experience about how women are treated in the gaming community. The one thing that stood out to me during the interviews is that a majority of them wouldn’t even call themselves a “gamer.” It was strange to me because they all had a deep passion and love for gaming but didn’t feel confident enough to proudly declare themselves as one. This was the push that made me want to make this film and show how diverse a gamer can be.


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