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Director Biography – Erika Kramer

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Erika Kramer is a filmmaker and writer living in New York City. Kramer has worked for over a decade in video production, from long days and nights spent in the perilous world of reality TV in Los Angeles all the way back to her student film days at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. In 2013, she started her own video production company called Sleeves Up Productions (SUP), producing content for brands like Microsoft, Venmo, and Zocdoc. Kramer was born and raised in the Bay Area, but fled for college to avoid the massive influx of tech bros.

Director Statement

I’m so proud and excited to share my short film, “She’s Marrying Steve”. It’s about the messiness of love and life and about understanding the human experience through the lens of lesbian and bisexual characters.

I feel very lucky to have had a chance to process and share such a personal story. Making this movie was hard but fulfilling— exhausting, yes, but also creatively energizing. I wrote characters I know but don’t often get to see presented in multidimensional ways on screen. I’m very grateful to share these people and this story.

I can’t thank my cast and crew enough. I’d especially like to thank Kaya Dillon, my DP and creative collaborator from day one. Kaya brought so much to this project and I simply cannot imagine having made this film without him.

Oh and yeah, I know bisexuality isn’t a choice.

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