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Director Biography – Carl Chavez

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Carl Adrian Chavez is one of the young filmmakers in the Philippines. He is a writer, director and producer based in Manila.

In 2017, he attended Film Leaders Incubator: FLY Workshop which was held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and was organized by the Busan Film Commission wherein he was awarded with a scholarship for 2018 Asian Film Academy which will be held in Busan, South Korea.

His short film, “Not Applicable” (2015) was awarded as Best Thesis Film and Second Best Short Film at Cinefilipino Film Festival 2015. His third short film, “Sorry for the Inconvenience” was in competition at Cinemalaya Film Festival 2017 and Cinemaone Originals 2017 which won Best Short film.
A short film he produced for QCinema Film Festival, “Gikan sa Ngitngit ng Kinailadman” (From The Dark Depths) directed by Kiri Dalena won NETPAC Jury Prize and will be competing in 2018 International Short Film Festival Oberhausen in Germany.
His screenplay, “All of You” which was directed by Dan Villages also won Best Screenplay in Metro Manila Film Festival 2017.
Currently, he is developing his first feature film.

Director Statement

One’s masculinity has always been measured by one’s strength and courage. Society has instilled in our minds that when we show weakness, we are not man enough.

This is why I made this short film, Sorry for the Inconvenience. I’ve always been at odds with the system built on the foundation of machismo. It is a slippery slope that is one day bound to fail. This oppressive system place men in categories in which the weaker lines are discriminated against. Propelled by a strong sense of pride and masculinity, men will do anything just to prove how superior and tough they are.

We have ultimately become a set of social cues. The issue of excessive machismo has always been present in our society. And now more than ever present as macho men rule our country. With all these killings, violence, rape jokes, cat-calling and inappropriate remarks directed against women, I often find myself asking: “Are we really man enough?”

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