Director Biography – Camille Liu Nock

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My name is Camille and I am half Chinese half Australian. This is the first short film that I have written and directed. I come from an art and writing background. I have worked on a number of student films and graduation films, in a variety of roles but particularly in the art department. My friend and I have started a little production company called Bole Collective that creates short films, music videos and art installations. It’s a quiet goal of mine to continue to create content that incorporates diversity and perhaps one day have an affect on encouraging more diversity within film.


Director Statement
The film Bo & Mei is really about standing up for the things that make us different. Whether it’s how we are on the outside or all the things that make us up on the inside, this story is trying to demonstrate that it’s important to be proud of those differences. Hopefully our film has something for everyone, perhaps in particular for those who may have experienced prejudice in someway. We all at the end of the day want to feel loved, as silly as it sounds, and with this it’s often more powerful to, like our protagonist, fight our battles without hate. This film was a privilege to work on, entirely because the cast and crew were a remarkable set of individuals and an even more remarkable team.

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