Short Film: CROSS, 16min., USA, Drama/Family

Directed by Hyunjin Lee
A Korean immigrant mom in the US goes through a journey against her religious faith to embrace her only son who is discovering his sexual orientation.

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Director Biography – HYUNJIN LEE

Lee Hyunjin is a fresh filmmaker based in LA, who expresses her vision around social realism, minorities, and family to bring empathy and humanity to the table. She studied documentary and media production Seoul, Korea, and spent her career in Hong Kong, which naturally created her interest in diverse portraits of city life. Currently, she studies in MFA filmmaking at New York Film Academy, working on her first feature film.

Director Statement

Who can easily say what is right and what is wrong?
LA has always been a familiar place to me as many of my family members live here as immigrants. I saw their struggles and joys settling down in a new place without being comfortable with the culture or language. Knowing that everyone has their own circumstances, I understand it can be difficult to judge a person’s opinion or action.
One day last year, I read an article from a Korean church concerning about progressive public education in California that teaches teenagers about diverse sexual or gender orientations. At first glance, I thought it was an insensitive opinion. However, is it easy to say this opinion is wrong if I was someone who lived in the church’s faith for my lifetime? And what if I was a person who genuinely believed this was the best to care for my child?
To embrace the sexual orientation of my son, or to prevent him from learning it in an early age. It sounds like the opposite on the surface, but both notions are about what is the best way to care for and love my child.
Any mom would wish the best of happiness for her child, and any child would wish to be ‘a proud child’ to mom, even though there might be misunderstandings sometimes.
It’s a matter of when and how we truly realize the ‘fact’ that we love each other and what is the most right way for ourselves to practice it. And this movie is about the day the mom and son realize it.


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