Short Film: SECADORA, 9min., USA, Drama

Directed by Elyssa Aquino
“Secadora” is a short film that explores sex & identity in the Dominican culture. A photographer (Cynthia) falls for a model (Laura) —only to discover that she doesn’t identify with being black. This romantic comedy takes a turn for the worst and exposes the “cancel” culture in our community.

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Director Biography – Elyssa Aquino

My name is Elyssa Aquino, as the daughter of two immigrants from the Dominican Republic, I’ve always had big dreams for my community. I graduated from The University at Albany in 2013, which is when my pursue in Film Production began. I dove head first into the world of television and began earning my stripes from editing to producing for television networks like ABC and CNN.

After years in television, I wanted to gain more skills in Cinematography and Directing, which sparked my career change into Digital Media. In 2019 I got a job as Director of Photography for Hearst Magazines. Hearst Magazines brought so many opportunities that challenged me and helped me grow as a Director and Cinematographer. I shot big time celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Hart, Maluma, Issa Rae, Rita Moreno, etc. I have also directed short form videos for Men’s Health and Esquire Magazine, one reaching over 9 million views on Youtube.

In 2021 I created my own production company called “Strange Fruit Productions” that focuses on empowering women of color behind and in front of the camera. I’ve directed and funded my short films, one being “Secadora” that has gained the attention in articles from The Inwood Film Festival & Popsugar Magazine. I will continue to pursue my dreams in directing, in hopes to represent my community as a Dominican Film Director.

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