Director BIO: Matthew ZanFagna, Gnosis (NATION OF ONE)

Gnosis (on left): pronouns- he/she/they
is a visual artist whose work features bold visuals, gender expression, and edge. “Nation of One” is their directorial debut and second collaboration with John Cameron Mitchell and Matthew ZanFagna (Assistant Director, ’New American Dream’)

Matthew ZanFagna (on right): pronouns- he/they
is a director, actor, and artist whose work spans film, TV, theatre, and new media. In 2020 Matthew created the music video for John Cameron Mitchell’s new album, New American Dream, which was hailed by AV CLUB as “funny and disgusting”. Recent directing credits include Human Pincushion Productions’ MIROR and the official music video for Vegas Valentine’s Fathoms.

Director Statement

“The concept for the “Nation of One” music video developed quickly. The frantic poetry in the lyrics were easy to relate to after crawling out of 2020. The song describes a relationship breaking up and a nation breaking down, thus—Blue and Red were born.

The verses condemn political structures, late-stage capitalism, and the gamut of modern society before hitting home— “Also, I’ve had it with YOU!”. The sentiment of the track.

Many are familiar with Mitchell and Trask’s previous work, “Origin of Love” (Hedwig and the Angry inch) —a song about yearning to find one’s other half, whereas their reunion on “Nation of One” is about getting rid of it.

We took to space to show the desire to run away from chaos and rediscover who you are— alone.” – directors Gnosis and ZanFagna


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