Short Film: SWIVEL, 7min,. UK, Experimental


What if, you can be all of who you are and still allow another? That just for one night, judgement no longer exists? What if, an intimacy of touch, a truth of want, Swivels around your doubt and trusts? What if, love is not a gender, it is a swivel of the heart?

Swivel is a short gender fluid dance story by Award winning director Lois Norman, starring the trailblazing Iron&Sparks. With visceral Cinematography by Canadian Teryl Brouillette, powerful Sound Design by UK’s Jemma Cholawo and New Zealand’s Helen Mountfort moving cello score, Swivel is a brave leap of faith, that moves to express the courage it takes, to explore sexuality and self with true equality, acceptance and compassion.

Swivel had its World Premiere at Queer North Canada 2019 and has since won 17 outright Winner Awards and many more Award Nominations!

‘Beautiful, tender, iconoclastic’

Beeston Film Festival 2020 – B’Oscar Nominee: A Better Place

‘This moved me to tears! One of the most stunning pieces of dance-on-film I have probably ever seen – in fact, the best one I have seen.’

Catfish Shorts –Winner, Splash Award 2020

‘A beautiful and tender expression of love that deftly danced around our notions of gender.’

Bendigo Queer Film festival -Winner Best International Short Film 2020

‘Poetic & Beautiful.’

Brighton Rocks Film Festival – Best Art House Film 2019

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