Director BIO: Sabeeh Ahmad (IN A HAIL OF BROKEN GLASS)

A Pakistani writer and filmmaker, Sabeeh has a keen interest in the breadth of human experience. He strives to tell character-driven stories that connect with the audience emotionally and intellectually. Sabeeh’s stories engage with the complexities of the world, centering mostly on underdogs, rebels and anti-heroes. A dedicated reader of literature, sociology and psychology, as well as a film geek, Sabeeh believes that form is as crucial as content. Therefore, with every story, Sabeeh pays utmost attention to its nuances, coming up with compelling – and often, unexpected – ways of telling it.

Graduated from the Lahore University of Management Sciences in 2014. Working since 2015 as a screenwriter, editor and director for film and television. Wrote and directed “Hum Aapas Mein”, a web series on tolerance and social cohesion, in 2019. Wrote and directed a short film, “In A Hail of Broken Glass” in 2020. Currently writing a feature-length film.

Director Statement

“In a Hail of Broken Glass” contemplates love, identity and pretense in a traditional family setup in Pakistan, a society with stringent gender roles and expectations. At the center of our story is a young couple trying to understand each other, but held back by a pretense they must keep up for society. In telling this story, we have strived to come up with a form that transports the audience to the protagonists’ headspace, helping them feel the conflict through its controlling and often turbulent edit. The film’s sound design, intrusive and relentless, plays on one of our greatest fears: “what will people say?”


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