Director Biography – Michele Bianchi (WHAT I DIDN’T SAY)

Michele Bianchi was born in Rieti, a small town in central Italy, and grew up with his family in Castel San Benedetto (RI). Here he come into contact with the committee of the small town, with which he collaborated very young in the representation of popular comedies in vernacular. Later, he attended the artistic high school “A. Calcagnadoro” in Rieti and immediately cultivates the passion for the audiovisual sector. After high school, he moved to Milan and graduated in Media Design and Multimedia Arts in NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts. During his training he made two short films: the first entitled “Always take me by the hand” and the second, as well as a thesis project, “What I Didn’t Say.”

Director Statement

My project is based on the analysis of a traumatic event, that is the earthquake, not only from an external point of view, therefore geographic or environmental, but also in a metaphorical way regarding the separation or disruption of the family unit. In it then we inscribe, first, the knowledge of the self and the provincial and emotional gaze after the strong trauma: we thus enter the micro-history of families, of their relationships or bonds created and destroyed after the sunset of emotional stability .

Within a melodramatic synopsis, this short film tries to dissect some interesting requirements: what is our safe place? Who can really protect us? How could we exclude, eliminate from ourselves that omnipresent fear that is the loss of the other?


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