Yesterday, My Dead Boyfriend Messaged Me on Grindr tells the story of Julian, a man dealing with the unexpected death of his boyfriend, Kinsey.

In an attempt to move on from the grief, Julian logs onto Grindr only to be bombarded with messages of detached filth. Giving up on the app, he goes to turn it off before an all too familiar voice comes through the phone… Kinsey’s.

Although Julian knows that he is being cat-fished and it couldn’t possibly be his dead boyfriend on the other end of the messages, it’s the only connection he las left to a love lost too soon and quickly finds himself in an online relationship with someone pushing for them to meet.

By lgbttorontofilmfestival

Festival occurring twice a year. In Toronto in June. And in Los Angeles in September. Showcasing the best of LGBT Short Films and Screenplays from around the world.

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