Director Biography – Francesca Tasini (LOLA)

FRANCESCA Tasini is an Italian actress and screenwriter from Pieve di Cento (BO).

After graduating in educational sciences at the University of Bologna she spent three years in Berlin studying the art of miming and clowning. Right after she continued her theatre studies at the Galante Garrone academy (Italy) and at the Dimitri theatre academy in Switzerland. Other studies followed with John Strasberg, Jordan Bayne, Pierre Byland, Philippe Gaulier, Dimitri clown, sabino Civilleri, Emanuela Lo scicco, Nicole Kerhberger,
She speaks Italian, English, French, and german.
Her work as an actress includes several theatre pieces with Juan Diego Puerta Lopez, Jan Lawers, Teatro Magro, Philippe Minella, Brian Reinholds, and other directors.
She played in several movies, which include “ The last stop” with Claudia Cardinale, “Process to Mata Hari” with John Savage
“The Audience” (short film).
She worked for German Tv and studied screenwriting in Berlin.
In 2015 she moved to Berlin where she runs a cultural open art space together with her partner.
She is now developing her first series project
She is also teaching theatre and clown to teenagers and adults.

At the moment she is represented by Feinschliff Agentur in Berlin.

Director Statement

In writing this short film, real events inspired me.
About one year ago in Italy, for the first time in history, a gay man was able to adopt a child with down syndrome as a single parent after seven families had refused her.
This story inspired me to write this project.
I found it necessary to change the significant character and make him a transgender person. In my opinion, different rights about the transgender person are not yet respected, and for me is really important to give them a voice.
Nowadays, we are still attached to the idea of a nuclear family. Some right has been conquered but only in a formal way.
For the people who want to adopt a child or give foster care, it is still tricky, and it seems that there are different rules, and too many are very straight. Can you imagine how it could be difficult for a transgender person?
My opinion is that this procedure in having a family
should be much more comfortable and also much more open.
There are thousands of children waiting for someone who loves them.
I also find it very strange that the law allows single parents only to adopt children with disabilities and problems.
I want to underline these problems; in reality, try to be as close to reality as possible in telling this story.
Another focused theme about this project is the believing in dreams. The protagonist, Lola, will fight until the end to accomplish her goals. This short movie should represent hope for everyone, a new way of thinking.
Dreams are what keep humanity alive.
This story is for the public, from teenagers to adults. I think it is also essential that the teenagers are aware of the different possibilities of building a family.
Also, it is necessary to communicate in a different way with them to speak and accept diversity.
My wish is that this project remains not only a project, but an opportunity to encourage a new system of human relationships, promoting close contact with some problems that are not yet on the surface of our society.
We need to open more of our doors and need not be scared about diversity.
With this short movie, I hope to underline that we have different possibilities to help each other, and it will be better when the bureaucracy in adopting a child would be not so complicated.


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