The Week In Trans 5/11/20 — Transgender Forum

What’s in TWIT? Today we learn a trans man high school senior is the class valedictorian. More violence against trans women of color occurs. Court battles over confirmation surgery for prisoners, protections for LGBTQ people, sensitivity training for police, and other things continues. Little Richard dies and he started in show biz as a drag performer. Joe Biden pledges universal health care will cover GCS. Kim Petras has a new song. Want to know the five most common complications after vaginoplasty? Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman graphic novel is becoming a TV show and it has a transgender character. A drag queen in Brazil is a member of a very religious family. A restaurant in Indiana offers curbside pickup by drag queens. An Egyptian actor comes out in support of his trans son. Amiee Stephens is in hospice care. The Turkish government believes drawing rainbows will make kids gay. A cat is being called transgender after surgery to fix a problem urinating. There’s all that and much more along with several TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

via The Week In Trans 5/11/20 — Transgender Forum

By lgbttorontofilmfestival

Festival occurring twice a year. In Toronto in June. And in Los Angeles in September. Showcasing the best of LGBT Short Films and Screenplays from around the world.

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