Director BIO: Krit Komkrichwarakool (FREEFALL)

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Originally from Bangkok, Thailand and graduated in communication design, Krit moved to Vancouver to pursue a career in film. Using his experience in design and integrate it with filmmaking, Krit strives to become a better storyteller with his films. His first student short “Soulitude” was nominated for Best Student Drama from LAIFF in 2015. He’s currently working on his latest short film, Freefall.

Director Statement

“Freefall is a story about fear and how two people overcome their fears together. The space between these two characters is internal. Under these unfortunate circumstances, they start to open up to each other.

For me there’s nothing more terrifying than loosing the ability to do what I love. Initially that’s what ALS disease could do to a person. It takes away what makes you ‘you’.
Knowing it could happen to anyone is frightening. But that is not why I wanted to write this script.The theme of this story is embracing your fear and taking a leap. I want to explore what a relationship can do for two people who are facing this path. Can this relationship lift them up or break them even more? It is a sad story but hopefully a hopeful one.

What catches my interest the most has always been our own existence.The ultimate question of why each of us is here. I think making surreal films is a great way to explore just that. It is why I do what I do. To find a trace of the answer. To speak to my own subconscious.”

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