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LGBT Festival Testimonial – January 14 2019

You guys were actually the first festival that I ever submitted too. I’ve been writing for about two years now and I only recently got to a point where I felt comfortable sending out my stuff for feedback. I wanted to send it to a festival that also catered to LGBT content as well because I love specificity and I believe that if it’s an LGBT story it deserves to be seen and critiqued by that audience. The feedback has been great as well. The taped reading was so great! So incredibly helpful to hear things out loud!

Watch the Winning Screenplay Reading: 

During a rare celestial event, two women reunite.


Student (f) – 3 – KATELYN VARAD
Lee (F, 29 black) – KYANA TERESA
Zach (20s Caucasian) – NICK DOLAN

Submit exclusively via FilmFreeway:

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