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LGBT Festival Testimonial – July 13 2018

I entered the festival because I got really great feedback from my peers regarding my story. I have never entered a film festival, but I really wanted to enter an LGBT festival to reach others with my script. After finding the LGBT Toronto Film Festival and reading really great things, I knew I found the right place, so I submitted my work. After hearing back I was ecstatic and so happy that they took the time out of their day to not only read my story, but offer feedback. I am constantly looking to improve my craft and it was wonderful to get personalized criticism in such a positive manner.

  • Todd Jackson
  • Submit exclusively via FilmFreeway:

Winning Screenplay – 5 THINGS NOT TO FEED A BABY 
Written by Todd JacksonCAST LIST:

NARRATOR – Geoff Mays
MIKE – Philip Krusto
DAVIS – Casey Estey
SUSAN – Ursina Luther
TIMOTHY – John Lester Phillips


Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy, Thriller

After being rejected for adoption multiple times, partners, Davis and Michael, put their parenting ability to the test when a baby is left on their doorstep Halloween night. While Davis wants to prove his ability to be a good father, Michael doesnèt want anything to do with the it after discovering it is actually an infant werewolf.

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