Screenplay Festival: June 14, 2018 Event

WILDsound Festival

A showcase of the winning feature screenplay, and short scripts.

Full CAST LIST:Kelly Seo, Shawn Devlin, Cory Bertrand, Sam Fazli, Abbas Wahab, Laurel Galt, Elizabeth Rose Morriss

LGBT Feature Script – GO-GO BOY, by Vance Walker

Genre: Drama, Romance

It’s 1990 and LA’s hottest go-go dancer is living a carefree, hedonistic life until he tests positive for the AIDS virus and realizes he must change everything about his life if he’s going to survive.


Jo: Kelly Seo
Garland: Abbas Wahab
William: Shawn Devlin
Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Art: Cory Bertrand
Nate: Sam Fazli
Edie: Laurel Galt

Best Scene of AT THE MERCY OF FAITH, by Samuel Taylor

Genre: Drama

A fourteen year old preacher renounces his faith in God in the wake of a traumatic event. Eighteen years later, the terrifying demons from his past viciously return to disrupt the harmony…

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