Director Bio: Leaf Lieber (MY DEAR BOY)

Leaf Lieber is a queer film director currently operating out of New York City where he is finishing his final year at Tisch School of the Arts. His unique dark style paired with his earnest sensitivity creates stories that are both visually intoxicating and moving to the soul. Lieber’s work has garnered international recognition at numerous film festivals and he hopes to move into narrative features as he continues to develop short films and music video projects. This young writer/director has worked for Stay Gold Features, Gunpowder & Sky, Untitled Entertainment, and is an ALTER selected filmmaker.

Director Statement

“My Dear Boy” is a film that explores the first spark that hits the heart when you first latch your eyes onto someone you picture a future with. It is an investigation of tasting what is to come — both pleasure and pain — and still voluntarily agreeing to partake in the quest.

Experiencing heartbreak for the first time unleashed many hidden shadows I harbored from the loss of a parent in my childhood. I have found love and pain to both be invaluable teachers, and the only way to absorb the pain is to buckle down the hatches and move through it. To feel everything. Grief is a lifelong road that I am continuously relearning how to walk and a theme that is embedded into all of my work.

“My Dear Boy” is the absorption of the pain and a years worth of healing. The metamorphosis of the project shifted as feelings continued to peel and evolve. Through all the muck of anger, denial, and sadness, “My Dear Boy” now stands as the final phase of grief, a symbol of forgiveness and gratitude. It is a celebration of opening your heart up and being brave enough to feel it all. It is a return to self, a return to home after the quest.


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