Director BIO: Declan Quinlan (BOY)

Director Biography – Declan Quinlan

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Declan is an American-born Irish film-maker. During his formative years studying at Maynooth University, he worked many late nights in order to save money and move to the US to start his Masters in Directing at the School of Visual Arts NYC. This instilled in him a dependable work ethic and a desire to succeed. His versatility has seen him through many odd-jobs over the years; from his humble beginnings as a cleaner in an Airbnb Cottage, to a live-in caregiver in Silicon Valley; Or most recently, as on over-worked waiter in TriBeCa. Declan displays recurring themes within his work such as isolation, questioning social norms and unconventional love. When not at work or in school you can probably find Declan happily drinking overpriced beer in any techno-driven nightclub.


Director Statement


I started making little music videos using The Sims 2 and Windows Movie Maker when I was around thirteen. I would spend a day or two making them and then send them as gifts for family or friends. I thought the video tool was very cool because I could control every aesthetic of the Sims universe and create something which was distinctly me. I was more of an artist than a sports player and it was important for me to have a platform to express and experiment and still interest my audience. I would select a song I thought would work well, then create the characters and build the environment I wanted to record in. The videos were usually very melodramatic and some of them were quite cheesy, but through this hobby, I eventually learned what worked and what didn’t. This early desire to create moving stories were formative in my understanding of timing, editing and originality.

Presently I am still honing in on my ability to masterfully tell a story, but I am becoming more accomplished with each step. My short film “Boy” is my second short film but first to be professional produced. “Boy” originally began as a comedy about two women fighting their way to an audition, but that idea was eventually scrapped and this story was born. I pride myself in my positivity and light-heartedness but artistically I am attracted to pensive, dramatic film-making. I spent the last academic year pursuing my Masters in Directing as well as waiting tables in TriBeCa during the day. As a result I’ve learned a thing or two about stress and time management as well as all my other creative teachings. This work ethic was integral in the production of my film as I decided to squeeze our three day shoot into two in order to reduce the cost of the film. Sustainability and versatility are important to me as a film-maker and I don’t want to see my opportunities decrease due to lack of finance, especially as I am constantly learning and searching for new learning environments.

In the future I would like to experiment more and find a unique and personal balance between comedy and tragedy in story-telling. I intend to gain more practical knowledge of working in all forms of production before moving on to my next project. Ideas that have intrigued me in the past and that continue to ask for my attention creatively are cosmetic surgery, the modern porn industry and ASMR. I also think there are so many stories to be found in the gay-male sub-culture within western society. Being a gay millennial filmmaker I have the perspective and the means to tell a truth in a story to which other may not find to be true. Subjectivity can be so divisive and apart from stimulating thought, it’s interesting to watch people react. Reaction, after all, is what many filmmakers are striving for as story-tellers. I want to work on writing and short-form media for internet before making another short. I would also like to gain experience as an intern in a commercial environment before moving on with my own independent work and right now I would consider this a high priority in order to move forward intellectually.

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